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Adult Student Testimonials

“Emma has been effectively helping me improve my Spanish and my confidence in speaking. In her classes, she uses grammar as a resource to develop my speaking, and understanding skills which she has brought to the next level. We have a lot of things in common, a love for cinema and literature. Emma’s classes are truly enjoyable, super creative, and we learn together and from each other.

I highly recommend her methodology!

Ana, New York, 35 y.o.


“I am very VERY happy with how much I have boosted my Spanish with Emma. In her classes, there is always something to be learned, not just in Spanish but also the way she presents the class dynamics and how we interact with them through language makes it really unique. We are both movie lovers, sports practitioners, and we also love sharing book recommendations. I have improved my speaking and writing skills exponentially, and feel confident to practice whenever I can start traveling again. Emma, I hope we can get to meet and discuss books and movies face-to-face, sometime soon”.

Josh, Washington, 41 y.o. 

“I am having a blast learning with Emma for two main reasons, the classes are fun and playful, and I can see how effectively they are supporting my learning. I leave every class super satisfied with the progress and with a smile on my face. I couldn’t have found a better teacher! I truly am learning with a Twist :)”.

Klaudia, Seattle, 30 y.o.

Student Testimonials

“I like Emma’s Spanish classes because they are fun. A few times, she did space Spanish lessons!”

Jack, age 6

“Emma’s class is really fun because she knows what I like and she puts all that into my classes. Her class is way better than a Spanish class in school”.

Sterling, age 11

“I really enjoyed working with Emma over the summer. She was always very kind and made the lessons engaging. While I have taken Spanish for a number of years at school, working with Emma really helped me expand my speaking and listening skills. When I returned to school in September, my teachers commented on how much my Spanish had progressed”.

Catie, age 16

“Emma is a kind and thoughtful teacher putting in the time before each meeting to personalize lessons around my interests and learning styles. Emma has a natural ability to teach in a way that makes learning a language fun and rewarding even to someone who is a beginner”.

Henry, age 18

“I have been working with Emma for two years and my Spanish has improved exponentially. I can finally say that I am feeling comfortable in my abilities. She is a joy to work with and the most flexible person. She is such an amazing person and tutoring sessions are always fun”.

M, age 17

Parent Testimonials

“We have known Emma for 5 years! She is an amazing teacher with a nurturing presence. Jack’s knowledge of Spanish and his overall confidence have soared under her caring guidance”.

Nicole Dietrich - mother of 6 y.o.

“Emma makes Spanish class really fun. Our son continues to gain confidence reading and speaking Spanish”.

John Kraska - father of 7 y.o.

“Emma provided Spanish lessons to my three children ages 19, 17, and 13yrs.  Emma´s lessons were geared toward each child’s individual interests and level. She is able to make each child feel successful whether it was their first experience speaking Spanish or they had been taking it for a number of years at school. During our family dinner time, the kids each took pride in sharing their newly acquired Spanish skills. 

Emma teaches with a kindness that makes each child feel special”.

Jennifer - mother of 18, 16 & 11

“Emma is a uniquely talented and effective teacher, who manages to create engaging, effective, and entertaining lessons for students of ALL ages and levels. In addition to being a wonderful teacher, Emma is kind, imaginative, and has a wonderful sense of humor. Our 11-year-old is always in the mood for Emma's class -looks forward to it- even on Saturday mornings! He has improved tremendously and is simultaneously having a wonderful time. You could not find a better teacher”.

Tamara - mother of 11 y.o.

“A good teacher with an endless curiosity and true devotion to helping people grow. It matters less what they teach and more how they help their students make connections. Emma can teach anything because she is vibrant in the adventure of living and inspired to share that energy with others. Khair loves learning Spanish because he loves engaging with Emma!”

Valarie - mother of 11 y.o.

“I can't say enough good things about Emma, and her ability to meet any student where they are and elevate their skills and enthusiasm for Spanish. Even on a remote basis - and throughout the pandemic - she has been able to continue to engage, encourage, and challenge our son Sterling. She is one in a million.”

T - mother of 12 y.o.


Master’s Degree in International and Bilingual Education w/ IB certificate in teaching & learning PYP

Camilo Jose Cela University, Spain, Graduated November 2017

Teacher of Spanish as a Second Language Certificate (ELE)

Instituto Cervantes, New York, US, Certified May 2016

​Master’s Degree in Marketing and Market Research

Barcelona University, Spain, Graduated February 2012

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and Administration

Barcelona University School of Business, Spain, Graduated June 2011​

** RYS 200 Yoga Alliance - Certified Yoga Instructor

Ayuryoga Eco-Ashram Mysore, India, Certified September 2019

Having an Economics and Marketing college background, my passion has always been teaching.


I have lived in English-speaking countries for over 10 years and I realized pursuing my dream was just a step away, just in a different direction to the path I was walking. And so I took a step forward and:


  • I qualified by Instituto Cervantes NYC as a Spanish as a Second Language Teacher,

  • Studied a Master's Degree in International and Bilingual Education (Spanish/English),

  • And acquired the International Baccalaureate Certificate (IB Certificate in Teaching and Learning, PYP).


You can find more details about my teaching experience here: LinkedIn and Tes.

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