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About Me And Spanish Con Twist

I am a Certified Spanish Teacher (M.Ed. & Instituto Cervantes) specializing in International and Bilingual Education.


Having a background in Marketing and Business, I consider myself to be a creative, effective, and resourceful teacher with a focus on understanding and addressing the students' individual styles, needs, and goals.

A Holistic Approach

I pride myself on having a wide range of perspectives and a holistic approach to teaching and learning. I took a photography course in NY, learned to dance salsa in Cuba, and a cooking course in Sri Lanka. Early on I learned valuable lessons in life from both my high school philosophy teacher and from my grandma who loved languages and was a self-described anglophile.

A Curious Soul

The curious child in me has a love of travel, which has brought me to live in different places, learn about cultures, and meet people that I will always treasure.


From Barcelona, Spain, I have spent more than a decade between London, Holbox (México), New York City, and Berlin.


I have traveled extensively, more specifically Central America, and Mexico. (Should I also mention 6 years living in the Puerto Rican neighborhood in Brooklyn?). Therefore, I embrace my language's many cultural layers I have been lucky to experience and soak in.

My Motto

In my classes, we CELEBRATE cultural diversity, EMBRACE the depth of the language, and HONOR the profundity of the culture.​

FIVE things about myself:

LOVE film and literature

PASSION for arts and culture

NEED meditation in my daily life

LIKE to walk around big cities

DESIRE for exploring new places.​​​

Spanish Classes
Spanish Online

Me llamo Emma.


✌️Soy de Barcelona, aunque he vivido más de una década fuera de España.


👌Enamorada de la literatura (Joan Didion), el cine (Greta Gerwig) y el arte moderno (Tarsila do Maral).


🖖Enseño desde un enfoque holístico. El aprendizaje es un sistema natural y vivo, que nos acerca al mundo y nos da herramientas para que descubramos su magia.


🖐Creo que la creatividad, la curiosidad y la colaboración son los motores que sostienen una educación duradera y sostenida.​

🖐☝️Soy además cofundadora de @rawwomen_, un proyecto que combina meditación, psicología y sororidad, mis grandes pasiones.

If you want to find out more, I will be happy to be in touch!

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