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The Methodology in Three Words




For me, the importance of education is acknowledging that teaching is learning, and you can’t have one without the other. I consider learning to be a naturally playful process in which teachers accompany students in their inquiry while being mindful of the learner’s unique journey.


I have found great benefits in online classes. Combining digital and analog materials has made my classes the more engaging and dynamic for both neurodiverse and neurotypical learners. Increasing opportunities for comfort and courage, and creating an even more relaxed atmosphere which eases the attitude towards the unknown. I have noticed a remarkable boost in confidence to try and the acceptance of mistakes as part of the learning process. 

Not to mention the convenience and time effectiveness!



Being passionate about education, my driving force is to make a positive impact on the students and the education community.


I have always worked closely with students attending international schools and met adults who acquired this education. I have seen how unique their perspectives of the world are, they seem very aware of themselves, and how they can make meaningful contributions to the communities they are part of.


Their broad viewpoints at different levels of life have always made me come away from their company with valuable ideas. I deeply value IB education as I believe it offers both students and teachers the unique opportunity to grow, improve, and experience together.


I always stress the importance of teaching culture in the foreign language class.


Teaching culture is an essential part of my classes, as well as developing intercultural communicative competence is one of my goals. I foster in my students the ability to understand the Hispanic culture and use this understanding to communicate with people successfully.


The relationship between language and culture is very tight and friendly, and we must then integrate them both into the Spanish class.

New Look (9).png




- 200ml of Cultural Competence

- 300ml of Communication Skills

- 200ml of Linguistic Competence

- 100ml of Confidence

- 200ml of Play

You mix it all up, and… VOILÀ!


My passion for learning and implementing innovative dynamics has brought me to create new and adapted digital materials unique to each student and their requirements.


I have found that digital media improves teaching and learning making it more flexible, colorful, and dynamic. Besides, I have noticed an increase in engagement from my students.


The accurate use of digital instruction, combined with kinesthetic learning has brought my students and me wonderful results. Images, colors, textures, have just adopted a new dimension at the service of students and teachers.

I say “VALE” to digital education. What do you say?

New Look (10).png


The sessions I create encourage the development of social-communication skills and the use of Spanish in a natural setting, out in the real world.


It’s not just teaching a language, isolatedly. Languages are living, changing things that compound the world. Through languages, we can communicate all sorts of concepts. Through languages, we also acquire a personality, a set of values, and new ideas.

The communicative approach in my classes has as a goal the building student’s confidence. Confidence is built not just around one’s speaking abilities, but also reading, listening, and above all the understanding of a language as a whole. 


Confidence brings joy, and joy brings growth.

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