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At Con Twist, your children and teens will effectively learn Spanish through play, while building their confidence and immersing themselves in the culture. I am a certified Spanish teacher (M.Ed. & Instituto Cervantes) with professional experience in New York City private schools. Having served students with learning differences, I offer individualized instruction and support students with modified digital materials, customized to their styles, needs, and goals.

Encouraging play in class develops an emotional attachment with the language. When we are having fun we connect with more of the brainpower we have and so we are more alert in noticing new things and learning with them. When we are having fun, we can engage with what we learn, generate new ideas, and challenge them. Play helps boost language development, problem-solving, risk management, and independent learning skills.

I encourage the development of social, personal, and creative skills and the use of Spanish in a natural setting. My mindful play-based approach stimulates the students to immerse themselves in a language and culture while cultivating their motivation, confidence, and resilience.


Let's explore new horizons together!

Spanish for Kids and Teens

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