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Take your Spanish to the next level!

- Are you applying for a job and need to give your Spanish a boost?

- Are you planning a trip to a Spanish-speaking country?

- Do you want to learn Spanish because you love the language? (Me too!)

Language should not be a barrier to discovering other cultures and people. If you like traveling, getting to know new people and cultures, and you have a love for languages, this is the perfect space for you.

Come join the Con Twist Community!

My playful approach to Spanish acquisition will build your confidence, and motivation and immerse you in the culture. I am a certified Spanish teacher (M.Ed. & Instituto Cervantes) with professional experience in New York City, London, Berlin, Barcelona, and México. Having served students with a broad range of learning styles, needs, and goals, I offer individualized instruction and modified digital materials, to learn as we enjoy.


Let’s start this journey together!

Spanish Classes for Adults

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