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Offering academic support to your children and adolescents through online one-on-one tutoring services in the comfort of your home. Following the specific school curriculum and offering customized tutoring for K-12 students. I am a certified Spanish tutor (M.Ed. & Instituto Cervantes) with professional experience in New York City private schools. Having served students with learning differences, I offer individualized instruction and modified materials for students with a range of learning styles, needs, and goals.


Engaging, effective lessons to build the student's confidence, and motivation, and improve their grades while enjoying language acquisition. I encourage the development of social skills along with supporting their personal, emotional, and creative development. More than better test-takers, my students become rigorous thinkers, self-directed learners, and creative problem-solvers — ready to flourish both in the classroom and out in the world.

Incorporating insights from educational psychology, mindfulness training, and kinaesthetic psychology, I prepare students to excel on test days and beyond. They develop the essential tools for stress management, self-assessment, strategic problem-solving, and purposeful training. A consistent weekly practice sets learning goals as we evaluate achievements throughout the trimesters.


Let's share this journey!

Spanish Tutoring for Kids and Teens
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