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  • How can I book a lesson?
    You can Contact Me for inquiries or book your first lesson HERE.
  • How long have you been teaching for?
    I have lived abroad teaching Spanish for 10+ years (London, México, New York, and Berlin).
  • Which are your qualifications?
    I qualified by Instituto Cervantes NYC as a Spanish as a Second Language Teacher. Studied a Masters Degree in Bilingual Education (Spanish/English) and acquired the International Baccalaureate Certificate (IB Certificate in Teaching and Learning, PYP). I also have an an Economics and Marketing college background, which provides me with a more holistic approach.
  • How would you define your teaching methodology?
    My lessons are engaging, effective, and creative. Game-based lessons that focus on developing the student’s communication skills. While building in my students an emotional and social connection to language, and Spanish in particular. My motto is language should not be a barrier to discovering other cultures and people.
  • Which traits of your personality do you bring into your classes that makes them unique?
    I pride myself in having a wide range of perspectives and a holistic approach to teaching and learning. I am passionate about movies, literature, I am a meditator and a yoga teacher. I took a photography course in NY, learned to dance salsa in Cuba, and a cooking course in Sri Lanka. It is the curious child in me who has a love of travel, which has brought me to live in different places, to learn about cultures, and to meet people that I will always treasure. Doesn't all of these give it a twist?
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