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Spanish Virtual Summer Courses


At Con Twist, we want to combine our unique Spanish immersion approach, the fun, and the connection built during regular in-person programs into a unique virtual experience. 


This “Curso de Verano Virtual” offers you the possibility to adjust it to your children's needs. As intensive as 10 weeks, 5 days per week, and as casual as a couple of sessions per week, this camp will allow children to engage through role-play, digital games, arts and crafts, and more! With the unique purpose of having fun while effectively increasing Spanish language use.

For all types of learners, all types of game players, we will be building a socio-emotional connection with the language. Culture, storytelling, interactive games, snack-tivities, art, cooking, STEM, yoga, music, dance, and more… Sign your campers up!

All levels of Spanish are welcome! 

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Virtual Camp Details
  • Virtual camp runs between 60 and 120 minutes via ZOOM.

  • Digital support will be provided by teachers to keep it nice and easy for caretakers. 

  • Printed material will be sometimes necessary, although we will try to keep it to a minimum.

  • Children will be allowed to move and express themselves freely and take a break when necessary. Kinesthetics are crucial, so movement activities will be naturally integrated into the sessions.

  • Teacher: Emma - Certified Spanish teacher with a Master's in Bilingual Education (specialized in IB) and a yoga teacher. 

Age Group Methodology
  • Children Ages 4 to 7: Games, songs, and stories that nurture communication through a range of activities including arts and crafts, show and tell, and role-plays.

  • Children Ages 8 to 12: Communicative games, songs, drama, role-play, arts and crafts, all supported by interactive learning. Children will read and write stories, poems, and letters.

  • Teens Ages 13 to 16: The interaction is designed around culture, movies, media, games, and creative writing. The teens will improve their language and build their confidence while developing collaborative learning skills.

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