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Certified Spanish Coach (M.Ed & Instituto Cervantes) specializing in International & Bilingual Education.

I am the founder of Spanish Con Twist, an Online Spanish School. From Barcelona (Spain), I have lived abroad teaching Spanish and English for 12+ years in London, México, New York, Berlin, and Barcelona.


Join the Spanish language School!

Spanish Coach
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Engaging, individualized instruction.

Learning styles, needs, and levels accommodated.

Raise grades and reach goals.

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Individualized to meet your goals.

Effective and conversation-focused.

We Learn, We Communicate, We Discover.

Spanish Teacher
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This is a school with A TWIST.


I understand Spanish as a living dynamic system compounding the world, a language to communicate, but also a language to understand, to get us closer to this diverse set of cultures.

We learn,

We communicate,

We discover.

Teaching is my cup of tea!

It makes me happy, it keeps me motivated, it pushes me to improve and impro.

More importantly, it has spread into many other areas of my life. Teaching has made me more empathetic, more creative, more aware of the world and the importance of working towards making a positive impact in it.

Teaching and learning are not just sharing knowledge. It encompasses sharing wisdom and sharing differing viewpoints. Consequently, it is growing and helping grow.

"I am very VERY happy with how much I have boosted my Spanish with Emma. In her classes, there is always something to be learned, not just in Spanish but also in the way she presents the class dynamics and the way we interact with them through language makes it really unique. We are both movie lovers and sports practitioners, and we also love sharing book recommendations. I have improved my speaking and writing skills exponentially, and feel confident to practice whenever I can start traveling again."

Josh, US, 41 y.o. 

Emma is a kind and thoughtful teacher putting in the time before each meeting to personalize lessons around my interests and learning styles. Emma has a natural ability to teach in a way that makes learning a language fun and rewarding even to someone who is a beginner."

Henry, US, 18 y.o.

Plate with food for different tastes

Emma is a great Spanish teacher who keeps the classes very engaging and fun all the time. She makes an effort into customising them according to my interests and she always puts so much thought into them. Can’t recommend her hard enough!

Mihaela, Romania, 32 y.o.

‘’Emma is a wonderful Spanish teacher. She personalizes the classes according to my needs and wants, which makes it easier for me to learn. She is very engaged, supportive, and fun which I truly appreciate.
I never find it boring learning Spanish with Emma!"

Lovisa, Sweden, 37 y.o.

"Emma is a uniquely talented and effective teacher, who manages to create engaging, effective, and entertaining lessons for students of ALL ages and levels. In addition to being a wonderful teacher, Emma is kind, imaginative, and has a wonderful sense of humor. Our 11-year-old is always in the mood for Emma's class -looks forward to it- even on Saturday mornings! He has improved tremendously and is simultaneously having a wonderful time. You could not find a better teacher."

Tamara, US, mother of 11 y.o.

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